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Store Hours:

9:53 am - 6:07 pm

(They're Prime)
 Best Children's Gifts,
King5's Best of Western Washington,
2014 (4th), 2015 (7th),
Seattle A-List 2016 (2nd)
Best Gift Shop,
Seattle A-List 2016 (3rd) 
"Best Geeky Store"
- Seattle Weekly Staff
Pick 2013

Math 'n' Stuff

Math 'n' Stuff

Welcome to Math 'n' Stuff,

where you will be engaged, inspired, and empowered

to learn, play, and solve problems!




Thank you to all of our customers;

we have enjoyed serving you for over 25 years and

hope to do so for many more! 



Browse our webstore--

we can ship it, you can pick it up in person,

or just come by (and bring your reusable bags)

for all of your teacher/student resource needs,

books, games, puzzles, toys, brain teasers, and/or gifts!

...or maybe just a gift for yourself *wink wink*






Check out our MTG page for the latest products;

our store calendar for MTG events:

Friday Night Magic (FNM), Game Days, and Pre-Release;

 and call or stop by for pricing and availability of specialty items.