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Klikko Supreme (KP-320)

Klikko Supreme (KP-320)

Klikko Supreme are smaller scale than the regular Klikko products.

This means that Kikko Supreme pieces are *not* compatible with Klikko Original, School, or Tek

320-piece kit

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Customer Reviews

Average rating: 5 stars

5 stars title= Klikko Supreme, 27th Nov 2010

Reviewer: Steena Connor

I've had a small set of Klikkos in my office for a few years and recently bought this set. It is amazing what kids teens and pre-teens build with this set. Students are ages 11 to 15, regular ed and special ed. Students who are very low in math or writing can actually build amazing things with these toys. I have had extremely angry students come in and start to build something and their anger melts away and they begin to talk and problem solve. I highly recommend them!

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