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Strixhaven Set Bstr Box

Strixhaven Set Bstr Box

Founded some 700 years ago by five spellcasting dragons, Strixhaven University is Arcavios's premier institution of magical learning, drawing promising young mages from all around the plane to study in its halls. Strixhaven is divided into five colleges, each with its own campus, faculty, and magical specialties. Each of the five colleges focuses on the clashing of two opposing mana colors: Silverquill in white and black, Prismari in blue and red, Witherbloom in black and green, Lorehold in red and white, and Quandrix in green and blue.

Set Booster display contains 30 Boosters.

Each Strixhaven: School of Mages Set Booster contains:

1 Mystical Archive Card
1 Lesson Card
1 Rare or Mythic Rare
1 Foil of Any Rarity
1 Wild Card of Any Rarity
6 Thematically-Connected Commons/Uncommons
1 Land Card
1 Art Card
1 Token/ad or special card from Magic's history

Collect in-store for Buy-A-Box Promo while supplies last.

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