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The Singapore Math curriculum can be divided into two main subcategories:


1) Primary Mathematics U.S. Edition:

This is the traditional Singapore Math curriculum written in English and using both metric and standard units. Many local schools use the U.S. Edition as a supplement to Everyday Math in their classrooms. It is also used by many homeschoolers as their primary year-long curriculum. These books can also be used by students on their own as a form of extra practice.


2) Primary Mathematics Standards Edition:

The Standards Edition is named for its alignment with California's State Mathematics Standards. These books were developed before the Common Core State Standards were adopted in California, however, all Standards are closely aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' (NCTM) learning standards. This is a great curriculum for anyone teaching their children at home or supplementing what their student is already learning. 


 The main distinction we have been able to make between the two editions is that the Standards Edition sequences the learning of several topics in a different order than does the U.S. Edition. The Stardards Edition also includes added concepts based on the breadth of the NCTM and the State of California's learning standards.



K-12 mathematics and other educational material from Singapore is suitable for

classroom, home-school, and enrichment (supplementary) settings.


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