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Mathnificent Days


Mathnificent Days and Math Nights partnerships between Math 'n' Stuff and elementary or middle schools in Seattle and surrounding areas. This very popular program introduces mathtastic games to light up young minds and help students realize how fun and cool math is! Below is an outline of the Mathnificent Day concept; please contact us for more information.


For your Mathnificent Day, Math ’n’ Stuff will:

  • Assist in your facilitation of student exploration of $1,000.00 worth of puzzles and games during a standard school day; (The puzzles and games remain the property of your school, with our suggestion that they circulate among classrooms for ongoing problem-solving fun);
  • Provide an evening session open to parents/guardians, students, siblings, friends, and teachers, with games and puzzles available for purchase.*

Your school will:

  • Purchase and pick-up $1,000.00 in puzzles and games at least 3 to 4 weeks before your Mathnificent Day, to allow time for mentor students to become well-versed with them;
  • Train 40 to 60 upper-class students to be “Mathnificent Mentors.”  Each group of mentors will work no more than 2-3 sessions and each game should have at least 2 or 3 mentors (one per session) who can teach it.  This allows for 20-30 mentors per session to instruct and supervise other students’ exploration of puzzles and games;
  • Reserve your date with payment in full by cash, check, debit/credit card, or school purchase order;
  • Provide a location, usually the gymnasium or cafeteria, with plenty of tables and chairs, where the day and evening sessions will take place; and set up the puzzles and games (ready for play) so as to enable free exploration during the event;
  • Determine a schedule for classes to rotate through the Mathnificent room (usually 6 sessions of 45 to 50 minutes) with 4 to 8 parent volunteers per session;
  • If possible, make available dinner food (such as pizza or a potluck), which encourages attendance and promotes a sense of community.

* BONUS: 10% of evening sales will be returned to your school in bonus puzzles and games.