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LEGO Birthday Party





For birthday parties, we separate the LEGO into two sections: one with tubs of LEGO minifigure parts and the other with tubs of bulk LEGO bricks and other components.  The bulk LEGO we have may include regular bricks, wheels, gears, platforms, wings, windows, bionicle, and many other pieces ranging in age from this year's sets to those from more than 15 years ago! We keep a fairly diverse assortment and mix in new lots periodically, but because the pieces are second hand, the assortment can be somewhat random from month to month, and we cannot guarantee the presence of any given components in the tubs.


You can bring cake, pizza, or other party foods/drinks. We have generic and compostable plates, 2oz dixie cups, and utensils; if there are other items you might need or if you would like items with any specific theme to them, please plan to bring those with you.


If you would like to do a pinata, it must be the kind with pull strings; our space cannot safely accomodate a whacking-style pinata. Other LEGO-themed games, such as "pin the head on the minifig" can also be a lot of fun.


The party lasts 90 minutes: the first 60-70 minutes are typically for free-play LEGO time and picking out favors and the last 20-30 minutes are typically used for food/cake/presents/etc. This can be flexible depending on if you want a full 90 minutes of LEGO time, or if you would like to build other activities in as well. The LEGO time is an unstructured building/play time;  this allows the attendees to play with the LEGO in the way that best holds their interest.

Parties are held at the Math 'n' Stuff Events Activity Annex at 9212 Roosevelt Way NE  (two blocks north of the main store).


We offer 3 different tiers of parties: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  The base fee includes the birthday person + 6 others for a total of 7 attendees.  Each attendee gets to take home LEGO party favors in the form of customized minifgure(s) and/or bulk LEGO that the guest picks out.  The amount that is included as party favors depends on the tier. 


For parties of 15 guests or larger, there is a $35 large party charge for additional staffing and/or trash and clean-up.



Bronze - 1 minifigure or 5 oz. of bulk LEGO for each guest. ($125 base + $6 for each additional child)


Silver - 2 minifigures or 10 oz. of bulk LEGO for each guest. ($150 base + $9 for each additional child)


Gold - 3 minifigures or 15 oz. of bulk LEGO for each guest. ($175 base + $12 for each additional child)



Each minifigure piece is eqivalent to 1oz. of bulk for party favor purposes.



In order to cater to different schedules, we offer times on Saturday and Sunday at 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, and 4PM. Scheduling on a weekday is available per special request.  If you have any further questions or to schedule a party please call or e-mail us. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a specific date and time once you are ready to book.



Please note: Cancellations/rescheduling of parties with more than two weeks notice can transfer the deposit into store credit or to a different date/time (subject to availability). Cancellations of parties with less than two weeks notice are subject to forfeiture of the $50 deposit.



Call for availability and to schedule your party today!


If you are looking to host a Magic: the Gathering birthday party,

or to rent the space for other parties and events, please call or email the store for details.