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What's new?!
   puzzles are now in stock including Schloss Neuschwanstein and buildings
from JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings!


 Coming Attractions:
With our visits to the National and International Toy Fairs
in New York City and Nuremburg, Germany, we are very glad to announce
several new and different toys, games, and puzzles.
We also have reason to believe we may be the only store
in the U.S. to sell some of them!
These include: 
- Jean Claude Constantin's Puzzles
- A 4x4x4 wooden snake cube
- A 9-level wooden Tower of Hanoi
- Wooden trick and money boxes
- Some of the most difficult wooden and disentanglement puzzles we have ever seen 
- A customizable personal Sudoku board with puzzles included and endless possibilities 
- Assorted wooden Fröbel shapes in 4 colors
- Happy Cubes made from acrylic with exclusive 2012 and 2013 designs
- Twiddler, a new twist on an old idea, where you can build and solve
your own puzzles as well as those included.
- Gift and greeting cards that change when you pull the slide tab
- Circular puzzles with one or two sides for added difficulty 
Images coming soon!
What's cool?!
Presenting the entire line of Fascinations - Metal Earth:
Each model contains 1, 2, or 3 laser-cut metal sheets that when assembled,
build beautiful metal models of buildings, landmarks,
assorted vehicles, and other everydaobjects.

From the classics to the latest best-sellers,
these are some of your and our favorites:
Sleeping QueensPerplexusSetQ-bitz
QwirkleRush HourSettlers of CatanQuarto
QuoridorDominionMastermindShut The Box 
SUMokuLearning Wrap-UpsMythmatical BattlesMagic: The Gathering
Dixit CarcassoneTicket to RideRisk
Wedgits NanoblocksTangleIQ Fit
Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks  Krypto Blokus Rumis

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