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Math 'n' Stuff works with over 100 manufacturer and publisher partners to source and promote products
that pair learning and play through creativity and exploration.

In alignment with Math 'n' Stuff's mission, we are launching the #PlayingOnPurpose program,
focused on creating and reinvesting in community partnerships and sponsorships to
increase social-emotional, physical, and intellectual health through the medium of play.

We are interested in working with organizations, public and private, serving people ages [0, ∞) in
both paid and sponsored capacities to grow access to specifically cultivated, customized,
and personalized bundles of toys, games, and puzzles
designed to enrich and expand the experience of those who use them.

#PlayingOnPurpose stations at all age/experience levels will encourage
creativity, collaboration & team-building, problem solving, communication,
exploration, perseverance, action, and risk-taking
in a safe, fun, and open space.

Examples include: table top strategy games; co-operative games; jigsaw puzzles;
visual-spatial, deductive, sequential logic, and wire/rope tangle brain teasers;
DUPLO/LEGO Creative Brick Boxes; Thinking Putty;
busy finger/hands fidgeting and tinkering gadgets;
Snap Circuits; Circuit and Power Blox;
mechanical/programming robotics exploration;
and whatever else you desire
(provided we can source it, of course). 

If you, your team, or your organization are interested in #PlayingOnPurpose,
please contact us at info@mathnificent.com 
The opposite of play is not work, it's depression. 
"Games teach us that failure isn't bad, and that collaboration isn't cheating."
- Henry Jenkins, USC Provost Professor of Communication, Journalism, Cinematic Arts and Education

Our sponsoring partners include:

 www.blueorangegames.comwww.smartgamesusa.com  www.ceaco.com