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Dice: Physical Random Number Generators for fun and learning

Dice can be used to practice math facts, understand place value, work on probability, create your own games, or liven up an everyday board game (imagine playing Monopoly with a 20 sided die!). With dice, your own imagination is the limit to how you can use them. If, however, your creative time is limited, we have a score of dice activity books to supplement your own ideas.


We have all kinds of dice and LOTS of them. Big ones, tiny ones, shiny ones . . . you name it! Whether you use their polyhedra names (tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, deca, dodeca, icosa, etc.), or you call them d-4, d-6, d-12, d-20, etc., we have them!


We are working on adding both products and photos to the webstore; in the meantime, please call the store for color, size, or other information.

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