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Magic: The Gathering
 Please refer to the calendar tab for MTG events.
We host tournaments at Math 'n' Stuff Events, our activity space, located 2.5 blocks north of our main store,
9212 Roosevelt Way NE (formerly NAPA).
We have the ability to accommodate up to 72 players.  
We try to schedule tournaments on some Saturdays around the LEGO parties.
These tournaments are confirmed and go onto the calendar in the week preceeding any particular Saturday.
 We will host a private Magic Birthday party for you! Please call to schedule.
The tournament formats we host:
1. Standard-Constructed - each player brings a 60+ card deck from the current sets.
2. Booster Draft - make the best 40+card deck after drafting 3 booster packs and basic lands.
3. Sealed Deck - make the best 40+card deck out of 6 booster packs and basic lands.
For the Booster Draft and Sealed format tournaments,
the cost for admission includes the booster packs and a prize pool.
We have lands to loan for these events.
Prizes & Rewards: Depending on placement, prize cards and booster packs
will be distributed at each tournament.
These depend on number of particpants and the format of the tournament.
For information on Magic The Gathering go to the manufacturer's site --> Wizards of the Coast website
*Please note* We are only able to ship Magic The Gathering products within the United States (AK and HI included)

Select a Magic The Gathering category:

Battle For Zendikar BOX
Battle For Zendikar


Core Set 2019

Core Set 2020

Dragons of Tarkir Intro Pack
Dragons of Tarkir
Gatecrash Booster BOX

Guilds of Ravnica

Hour of Devastation

Journey Into Nyx Booster
Journey Into Nyx

Khans of Tarkir Booster
Khans of Tarkir

Modern Horizons

Mystery Booster

Oath of the Gatewatch


Ravnica Allegiance
Return To Ravnica
Return To Ravnica

Rivals of Ixalan

Shadows Over Innistrad
Specialty Decks
Specialty Decks

Theros Beyond Death

Throne of Eldraine

War of the Spark