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Science supplies, books, kits, games, and toys

Several years ago, our friends at Science, art, and more went out of business. In an attempt to better serve our customers in science materials, we have tried to expand what we stock that is science related. In our retail store we carry a host of science kits & supplies, including:


 - NEW: Glass test tubes and graduated glass beakers!

 - microscopes

 - visual dictionaries and references

 - petri dishes, agar, plastic test tubes, plastic graduated cylinders, safety goggles, etc.

 - chemistry sets

 - solar-power experiments

 - electronic & physics project kits (including Snap Circuits)

 - and much more!



We are constantly working to make our inventory available for sale on the website. Keep checking back for product updates!

Select a Science, Nature, & Technology category:

Genetics & DNA
Biology & Anatomy
Science Experiments for Young
Periodic Table Elements?sts?

Computer Programing
Snap Circuits Extreme
Electricity & Electronics
Totally Gross! Game of Science

Jungle Robot Kit

World's Best Bug Viewer
Nature & Environment
Math Magic    nmg
Optical Science
Physics Flipper

Rocks & Minerals Gem of a Book
Rocks, Minerals, & Crystals

Software (CDs & DVDs)
Stars & Planets
Stars & Planets
Prism & Lens Set of 7 Acrylic
Magna Buzz