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Math 'n' Stuff Events

The calendar below shows what is happening at the store and other events we endorse.

Pokémon League Events

Join us every Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00pm

  • Masks Required
  • Drop in - no registration required!
  • Entry is $12

Participants will have the opportunity to learn, play, trade and share the love of all things Pokémon.
Everyone receives a prize! Players have the opportunity to earn more prizes the more matches they play.
We have starter decks that new players can play with to learn the game or they can borrow a deck during the league to battle the other trainers.
** If players have their own deck(s), they should bring it/them as well as their trade binder(s) to use at the league sessions. **
The league is a great way to meet other players, make friends, and grow the love of Pokémon!

Magic: The Gathering Saturday Events

Join us every Saturday from 10:00am - 1:30pm

  • Masks Required
  • Drop in or register through the Wizards Play Network
  • Entry is $0 - $23 depending on the event (see below)

With the exception of prereleases or other specially scheduled events, the Saturday Schedule will be as follows:
1st Saturday: Current Set Draft (MKM, then OTJ, etc.), pack-per-win prizing -- $23
2nd Saturday: EDH, casual, drop-in, everyone registering with a wizards account gets a prize -- $5
3rd Saturday: Bargain Sealed, you join the tournament, we pick the set, you crack, build, and play, Door Prizes -- $20
4th Saturday: Chaos or CLB draft based on attendance, all participants $5 store credit -- $15
5th Saturday: Bring-a-friend/beginner, Learn To Play, Door Prizes -- $0

Learn more about our Magic: The Gathering events on the Wizards Play Network

Magic: The Gathering Casual Commander Events

Join us every Thursday from 5:00 - 8:50pm

Commander pods will fire on demand during this event. The tables are open from 5:00 - 8:50pm, but no one is required to arrive at 5 or to stay the duration.
Each pod is 1-round and players may play unlimited number of pods until the end of the event.
Matches will end by 8:50pm for clean-up and closing.
Everyone using a Wizards email/Arena account or the Companion App will receive a randomly assigned prize from our prize pool of packs and promotional cards and materials.
Prizes will be distributed at approximately 8pm. Please notify the tournament organizer if you will be leaving before prizes are awarded.

Monthly Puzzle Swap!

Join us every second Sunday from Noon - 1:00pm

  • Masks Required
  • Drop in - no registration required!
  • Entry is FREE

Join us for our monthly event and trade your old jigsaw(s) for something new (to you)!
No minimum or maximum piece count.
Please disclose (via sticky note or other) whether puzzle is complete and if you have a pet and/or smoking household.