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About Us

Math 'n' Stuff was established in 1993 against all odds and all advice that a "Math" store could never be successful...
Gini Wingard-Phllips started the business to change people's minds about Mathematics; this is why she calls herself a "Math Evangelist."
Mikaela Wingard-Phillips, a second generation entrepreneur, is not only carrying forward her mother's legacy in Mathematics and Education, but also reframing the vision for Math 'n' Stuff's current evolution.

Math 'n' Stuff's Mission

To engage, inspire, and empower our community to learn, play, and solve problems every day.

Math 'n' Stuff's Core Values

People First
Life-Long Learning

Math 'n' Stuff Shop Exterior

Math 'n' Stuff Family

Our Owner, Gini, calls herself a "Math Evangelist":

preaching the love of math and the healing of math wounds.


It is no wonder then that Math 'n' Stuff is built on the philosophy that mathematics has been unfairly pigeon-holed.

We are here to break the stereotypes you have about math and the people who love it.

We think math is beautiful and fun ... and we see it everywhere.


Patterns - Strategy - Puzzles - Brainteasers - Games - and MORE


Of course, we get along with the old-fashioned concept of mathematics too.

We know there are many ways learn and practice math -- conceptual and procedural, alike.

We do our best to match our customers with mathy materials for every level from pre-school to grad school!


Whether you are working ahead, brushing up on old skills,

or trying to keep what you learned last semester fresh in your mind over the holidays, we can help!


Kids - Teachers - Parents - Students - Tutors - Home Schoolers - Assorted Math Nuts - and MORE


From every part of the world, we gather the most interesting, entertaining products that stimulate minds.

We carry over 25,000 products and only a fraction yet appear on our webstore.


Please check back to see all the cool, new stuff we are adding.

If it is educational, mind-bending, or really fun, you are likely to see it

on the virtual shelves of mathnificent.com sometime soon!


If you are in the Seattle or nearby, you should definitely stop in.

If you can believe it, we have even more "Math 'n' Stuff" in our brick-and-mortar than we do in our webstore!